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Very long time no see ! ^^
I know most of you may have though I was dead, or I gave up the project.

To ensure you I'm still here, I decided to release a small demo of what I managed to do so far with OGRE. It's not very impressive, but it works.

You can also take a look at the source code. It's not complete, maybe a little incoherent in some places, but hey : it's not the true 0.045 release.

Anyway, enjoy this little demo !


Long time no see !
Here I come with the latest version of my project.

Most of the changes are kind of "underground" : you won't see much difference between this version and the previous one.

Yet, I had to release it because I'm working on a port to full 3D (using Ogre3D).

Enjoy this new release !


Lets start by the good :
WoWRL 0.043 is released ! Major feature : 3D models !
For a complete description, see the changelog.

Now, the bad :
I've been pointed out several times that my project was illegal, because :

Because of these two facts, Blizzard could have told me to stop working on this, and I would have been forced to either give up or continue without using anything that is copyrighted.
So, instead of waiting for the bad thing to happen, I decided to free the project from any Blizzard related material, including its name and the provided data set.

As I wont waste my time in making new graphics, models, icons, ..., the project will no longer be a game, but an engine.
So, the project's new name is : Frost Engine.

The bad thing is : that means I wont release any data !
I know it's going to lower people's attention of the project, but I don't have the choice if I don't want to go against the law.
As I know nobody is going to draw original graphics and models at the moment, I still need WoW's data. So, I will write a program to extract everything from your WoW installation.
Yes, that means you'll have to buy World of Warcraft, or at least install it : I think you can download the client for free.

The forum, the wiki and the main site will have to be edited, and most likely re-colored to fit the new name.


At last, I figured out how to make a writable directory ! This allowed me to activate the new Wiki (the one provided by SF lacks a few functionalities and is a bit slow) and a the new Forum (for the same reasons).
If you have a question, the wiki is empty, so don't hesitate and create a new thread in the forum !

Just give me some time and I'll transfer all the content of the actual Wiki/Forum to the new ones. I'll also remove a few sections of this site and put everything in the Wiki (such as Controls and Edit the game sections)


Yet another "UI only" release. Indeed, there is almost no noticable change in the gameplay. But now you have much more control over the UI and the introduction of slash commands (/help or whatever) is going to help me as it can be used as a console.
There are two major changes in the UI : now frames extend themselves (virtualy) to surround all their childs and arts (before, it sticked to its original dimensions and everything out of these wouldn't be rendered). And the other one is the correction of alpha. Now it *should* work perfectly.

I have a few things to do now, for example re-writing all my code so that all variables follow the naming rule [lowercase type of variable][word start uppercase variable name]. So an integer counting the number of frames will be named iFrames. It helps a lot when you don't know if your variable is an int, a float, a double or whatever. But it might be too much work... The project now contains nearly 20.000 lines of pure code !
There are also several things that may not be well placed (such as GetDelta and GetFPS in the InputManager class instead of the TimeManager one...). But it's not a priority.

One of my greatest wish is to use WoW's 3d player models in WoWRL. But I'm a bit affraid of animations... I also thought I could also try to import the 3d world, but that'd imply re-writing all the pathfinding code... Gasp.
It this not just a dream ? I hope so !

Anyway, I don't know yet on what subject I'm going to work in the next days. You'll discover in the next release ;) Until then...

Enjoy WoWRL 0.042 !


Back again with a new version. Nothing fancy this time, everything is yet to come :) This release unlocks many possibilities such as a complex spell scripting, a more flexible font system (WoW like), a simpler UI (backdrops) and easy targeting (see Controls). For now, these won't be very useful, but with time... You'll see.

Oh, and you'll notice that the Tooltip and the BuffFrame are back as AddOns. The UI is now nearly as before the "LUA jump", I just miss the Inventory and the AggroFrame.
But there will be more AddOns coming : DamageMetter, RaidFrame, Minimap (maybe), AddOnConfigScreen, ...

But not this time, you'll have to wait 'til 0.042 (or maybe a bit longer...)

Happy new year and, guess what ?
Enjoy WoWRL 0.041 !

Wow, 2 month without a release... I must admit I took my time on this one.
Anyway, this release comes with an important news : the UI system is now very similar to what you can see in World of Warcraft.

You can create AddOns that you can load or not. These AddOns are made of LUA, XML and TOC files, which works exactly as in WoW : take a look at the BaseUI provided with this release to see what it is capable of !
But the work is not yet over, if you look in the change log you'll see this little sentence :

"22/135 widgets methods available"

Yes, only 22 over 135. But these 22 methods are the most used ones : I couldn't make the base UI without them.

Anyway, these are quite insufficient to make a proper UI. Plus I haven't yet counted the non-widget functions remaing... and there are many, many, many functions.

If you try to play a little with the new UI, you'll experiment strange alpha behavior. This is due to a bug in HGE that still hasn't been identified.

You'll also notice that action buttons aren't working. In fact they are ! But the left click function (direct cast) doens't seem to work very well. Use the right click instead ;)

Enjoy WoWRL 0.040 !

This time, I had to leave for 3 weeks for holidays with my family, and again I'm back with a new version of WoWRL. 

The major thing to notice is the port to LUA of all the ini files. LUA will be used for many things now, including instance scripting (not yet possible, but will soon be).

You may think this is a small update for a month of development, and you'd be right. But I couldn't work on WoWRL when I was away, so all the changes made to the program and its data have been made in only a week.

Anyway, you might feel a bit lost with LUA, so I written a lua API in the project's wiki. It is not yet complete as there is a lot of information to write (and I do it by hand).

Enjoy WoWRL 0.039 !

After another week of holidays, I'm back with a new version of WoWRL. 

As you can see, there are new great features : regeneration, basic stats, more selection keybindings and a huge perf boost with out of the screen units and doodads. 
I will try to work on these points now : attack range, hostile aggro (-> aggro range) and maybe gears implementation. I say "maybe" because it implies a lot of work : 
- add a gear database 
- add a character frame to manage its equipment 
- create an "item" class that would also contain potions, random drops, ... 
- manage requirements, restrictions (level, class, armor type, binds when pickup, ...) 
- manage durability (not a priority) 
And for the future : 
- allow trading and destruction of items 
- implement an inventory to store all these. 
A lot of work indeed, but interesting work anyway ;) 
Enjoy WoWRL 0.037 !

WoWRL is a game project that takes place in the universe of World of Warcraft (WoW).

It is influenced by the Baldur's Gate series, Warcraft and obviously WoW.

I had the idea of this concept at the beginning of 2007, I was still playing WoW in a very sweet guild and we had just finished the BlackWing Lair. That was the most beautiful gaming experience I've ever had, and I'm sure it will remain for a long time.
Then the Burning Crusade addon came, and our guild slowly started to fall down, until its dissolution at the end of April. I had been playing WoW for 2 years when I stopped. Now I must admit that it misses me, especially all the sweet people I met and that I'll never forget.
But that allowed me to start working on this project.

It's not the first time I start something like this. Infact it is the second time. The very first project I worked on was a clone of Freelancer named myFreeLancer. That was the first time I "wrote" C++, although "copied" would actualy be more acurate : I didn't knew how to code at all ! All I did at first was borrowing code from somewhere and paste it in my project without always understanding what I was doing.
But despite this I eventualy made something that worked, and not that bad after all. But I gave up because I wanted to port my project to a newer version of OGRE and that didn't work well (my code was a beautiful mess).

Then I had a long break during which I played GuildWars then WoW until I started this project.