Great thanks to the SF team for what they do !

Main menu :

(previously World of Warcraft : Raid Leader)

One of the goal of this engine is to be very easily modifiable.
At that time there is not much to edit, but yet you can still add :
- new classes
- new cast effects
- new zones
- new spells
- new spell icons
- new fonts
- new cursors
- custom gui elements

Important :
If you want to add a new texture file to the game, it is better if its height and width are a power of 2 (..., 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024,...).
If they aren't, the program will edit them to respect this rule, but they will not be streched.
Anyway, try to respect it as much as possible, but don't bother with it with large files if you plan to release your work over the net because it will take more space.
It doesn't matter if the texture is not square-shaped : you can make it 16/1024 if you want, it will not be changed.
Try to always keep your texture dimensions to 1024 or under. Some (not so old) graphic cards can't support larger textures.

The textures can be saved in : BMP, DDS, DIB, JPG, PNG and TGA.

For a more complete source of information, please visit the wiki.