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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 5:05 pm 
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Frost engine v0.044

(latest update : 09/07/2008 20:45 GMT+1)

Downloads :
Frost engine : version 0.044 (bin and source are in the same zip)
Sprite packer : version 0.039
Anim editor : version 0.038
Map editor : version 0.040
Pathfinder : version 2.0

(click to view a larger version)
This is a project I've been working on on my own, from time to time, for more than a year now.
In the final game, you'll be able to manage a complete raid (5 to 40 players) and control them as you'd do in the Baldur's Gate series.

If you have any comment to do, feel free to post !

Changes not released :

Known problems :
- ZG : Doodads are implemented from the beginning to the first bridge. It will be enough for now.
- Players are naked !

What's New :
- The project is now released without any data.
- Improved managers code : almost no public member remaining.
- Created a virtual Manager class from which every manager now inherits from.
   It just simplifies the creation of such managers and removes redundant code.
- Created a new singleton class (Frost) which is the core of the engine :
   - On creation, it initializes everything (HGE, LUA, managers).
   - It wraps itself around HGE to manage frame, render and restore functions.
   - When you're done using it, just call ShutDown() and every allocated resource
     is freed.
- Added random loading screens. Just place your custom loading screen in the
   appropriate folder (either LoadingScreen/1024 or LoadingScreen/1280) and it will
   be added in a random cycle. There is no naming rule for these.
- Reworked spell mechanisms. They are now instanced for each unit in the game.
- Reworked projectiles. They no longer need to be particle systems.
- Reworked animation system : now using an animation queue sorted by priority.
- UI :
   - Fixed frame stopped being dragged if the mouse was moving too fast.
   - If you click on a frame which is under another one (which has the same frame
     strata), the first goes on top of the second.
   - Fixed multiple inputs (dragging two frames at the same time for example).
   - (XML) Added a new parameter to FontStrings : justifyV. Use it to adjust your
     text's vertical position inside the text box (TOP, MIDDLE, BOTTOM).
   - (XML) Fixed ScrollingMessageFrame and Button parameters not inherited if child
     was also virtual.
   - New events available (8/???) :
           - SYSMSG (fired whenever a LUA error occurs)
           - VARIABLES_LOADED (fired when saved variables are loaded)
   - (LUA) 8 new widget methods available (56/241) :
           - FontString :
               GetStringHeight (not available in WoW)
           - ScrollingMessageFrame :
           - Slider :
   - (XML/LUA) Implemented Slider. Useful for options or scrollable frames.
- AddOns :
   - Added a Readme to all addons.
   - Added an error frame (BaseUI_ErrorFrame) to display LUA error messages in
     game. Whenever an error appears, a button pops up that you can click to see
     the error. If you're not interested in it, just tipe :
     "/script DisplayErrors = false", and reload the interface. Errors will also
     be printed in the chat frame. To disable this behavior, tipe :
     "/script PrintErrorsInChat = false", and reload.
     Note : Errors will always appear in the log file.
   - Fixed spelling errors in HelpScreen french translation.
   - ChatFrame : press [Enter] to write some text.
   - ChatFrame : the edit box is now shown when you press [Enter].

To Do :
# Gameplay :
- Add patrols
- Implement the specialization system
- Add an inventory for each unit
- Add gears (boots, rings, ...)
- Allow selection and casting from the target and unit frames
- Add pets for hunters and warlocks
- Allow heal and damage over time
- Manage debuffs
- Add keybindings
- Add a new zone (Orgrimmar or Ironforge) in which the player could :
   - decide where he wants to go (which instance)
   - manage the guild (recruitment)
   - buy things in the auction house
   - ...

# GUI :
- Add a raid frame (display the health of all units in the raid)
- Add a resurrection monitor
- Add a main tanks frame
- Add a config screen
- Add a main menu

# Graphics and game engine :
- Allow zoning
- Add fog of war (?)
- Add all the spells, items, buffs, in the lua tables, add all the lvl 60 dungeons of WoW.

- Kal.


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